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"Secret Santa" Coffee

"Secret Santa" Coffee

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We have a LIMITED quantity of AWARD WINNING coffee available for discerning pallets. 

This coffee grows on the cool, high elevation slopes of the world-famous Haleakala Volcano on the island of Maui. 

The "secret" farm overlooks bi-coastal island views of the beauty that only Maui can offer.

This small-scale coffee farm is nestled at approximately 3,500' of elevation, making it one of the highest farms in the State of Hawaii.

The coffee was produced and handpicked in a cloud forest and yielded a score of 83.16 from the world renowned Specialty Coffee Association!

High scores such as this firmly places the coffee in the Top 10% of coffee in the entire globe, and regularly sells for $120+ per pound on the open market.

Only 622 bags were produced within the micro-lot and we have secured 40 of those bags for our loyal customers at a HUGE discount at $30 off per pound!

We are calling this our "Secret Santa" Coffee because at such a huge discount we cannot share the name of the farm, but trust us, the farm consistently wins awards; not just in the Hawaii State Coffee Competition, but also international competitions around the world. And we are extremely lucky to have this special coffee available for your enjoyment.

If world-class specialty coffee is your bag (pun intended), act quickly - because we expect this to sell out very quickly!