Hana Happiness Maui Typica Blend, Coffee Beans

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Our Hana Happiness Maui Typica Blend features the Arabica Typica bean locally grown on the West Maui Mountains.

We blend in a bit more Arabica from Costa Rica to yield a rich-tasting, low acid coffee.

The Hana Happiness Maui Typica Blend is finished as 70% city-medium / 30% french roast, the beans have a wonderful rich hue and smooth taste.

It's our favorite afternoon pick-me-up coffee at the Cafe, and we hope you'll enjoy it as much as we do.

Our coffee bags are recyclable, and the foil lining with degassing value and resealable ziplock closure maximize freshness to you.

We roast every Monday and Thursday, so we ship to you every Tuesday and Friday. Let us send a bit of paradise your way! Aloha always :)