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Aloha... in a cup


Lahaina Fire Update

ALOHA COFFEE OHANA!!! The store is open again, and you can freely move about the cabin. As most of you know, Lahaina had a severe fire and our primary coffee farm's milling/roasting facility was lost. It's taken a while to get things going again, but we're managing. We apologize for the increase in prices. We held off raising our prices for as long as possible (more than 2.5 years!), but with the fire, limited availability, and costs "goin' tru da roof" we had to make adjustments just to keep the doors open. With that said, we're committed to keeping our quality high and your cup filled. Big Mahalos for your continued support!!

See what others have to say...

This is by far the best coffee I have ever had! I love how the fresh roast smell fills the room every time I open the bag. Thank you for making my homemade coffee something to look forward to every morning.

Juan from California

Great selection and quality of coffee beans! Ordered a variety of beans online last Christmas to give as gifts.

Cherry from Calgary

I literally cannot make a “bad cup” with your coffee! I usually struggle to get the same flavor from my homemade coffee that I get from my local coffee shop. But when I brew your King K’s Kope using the “Hawiian Homebrew" method, it comes out great every time!

Ken from Minnesota