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King K's Kope - Sample

King K's Kope - Sample

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The King K's Kope (Kope is "Coffee" in Hawaiian) is named in honor of the Kamehameha Dynasty that ruled the Kingdom of Hawaii for most of the 1800s.

King Kamehameha was originally from the Kona district of Hawaii but ultimately conquered and unified the other islands now known as the Hawaiian Islands. In a similar way, our King K's blend is based on a Arabica bean sent to Kona from El Salvador in the 1950s that today thrives on Maui.

The specialty bean is named Maui Red Catuai. Growers here proudly refer to it as the "cabernet" of coffees. It's a bold coffee, and you can definitely taste our volcanic soil and mineral qualities in your cup.

King K's Kope is roasted to a full city-medium finish. Even the beans have a rich red hue. It's our special Aloha Friday coffee at the Cafe, and we hope you'll enjoy it as much as we do.

The Maui Red Catuai bean is a great gift for coffee lovers-- it's not your everyday coffee, so it's something extra special and memorable from Maui, first to last cup.

Our coffee bags are recyclable, and lined with foil with a one-way degassing valve to keep the beans fresh during shipment. Each bag also has resealable tabs to maximize freshness to the last cup.

Let us send a bit of paradise your way! Aloha always :)

Note - Sample packs will yield 2 to 4 cups of coffee depending on size and strength.