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Specialty Coffee

  • Dave's Brew Guide - Specialty Coffee Overview

    Over the years that I have been involved in the coffee industry.

    My brewing preferences have pretty much come full circle - having tried and tested just about every brew method out there - yet I ended up preferring the most simple/basic form of brewing coffee.

    I call this method the Hawaiian Homebrew and it works perfectly for Hawaiian Coffee beans.

    Hawaiian Homebrew is a combination of Full Immersion (from French Press brewing) and Paper Filtering (from Pour Over brewing).

  • Dave's Hawaiian Homebrew - PDF

    Here's a PDF showing how to use a single cup and paper filter to brew up some amazing 100% Hawaiian Specialty Coffee.

    The varietal is a Red Catuai, and is roasted to a city-medium.

    We call it our King K’s Kope (King Kamehameha’s Coffee) and it is one of my daily favorites!

  • The “Cabernet” of Coffee

    Red Catuai's wide flavor profile lends itself to a broad range of roasts, which bring out subtle flavors that are unmatched by any other single origin coffee grown in Hawaii.
  • The “”Champagne” of Coffee

    Maui Mokka is a rare descendant of a 1,000+ year-old heirloom strain from Ethiopia and took 1st Place in the “Best of Hawaii” competition.