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100% Maui Peaberry Coffee Beans in Resealable Kraft Bag with Old Lahaina Coffee logo

Peaberry in Paradise: 100% Maui Peaberry Coffee

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PEABERRY IN PARADISE: 100% MAUI PEABERRY   Varietal: custom blend of Maui Yellow Caturra, Maui Red Cataui and Maui Mokka   Roast: City Medium  

Fewer than 5% of all coffee beans are peaberries -- a naturally occurring mutation that occurs when only one coffee bean fills the cherry instead of two. The small bean takes on a round shape and dense weight, prized for yielding a more complex cup.  

Our Maui Peaberry provides a very smooth, finely balanced, low-acid cup of coffee with a silky mouth and long finish. The aroma blends roses, citrus and dark chocolate.  

It's our favorite Sunday morning pour-over (i.e. kick up free and relax) coffee at the Cafe.

Our coffee bags are recyclable, and lined with foil with a one-way degassing valve to keep the beans fresh during shipment. Each bag also has resealable tabs to maximize freshness until it's time to order more.

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