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The “Cabernet” of Coffee

Maui Red Catuai (cat-TWO-why-ee), commonly known as “Red Cat” is one of the most exotic, high-quality coffee varietals grown on Maui. 

Its wide flavor profile lends itself to a broad range of roasts, which bring out subtle flavors that are unmatched by any other single origin coffee grown in Hawaii.

The Red Cat is from the Arabica species and originates from the Yellow Caturra and Mondo Nova varietals.

Maui’s award winning Red Cat is known as the “Cabernet of Coffee” because of its burgundy notes reminiscent of the famous red wine of France.

Red Cat has the luxury of providing many different flavor profiles depending on the roast. For example:

  • Our King K’s Kope (King Kamehameha’s Coffee) is a Medium Roast and brings out hints of spice, vanilla, and butter with grapefruit subtleties.
  • Our No Ka Oi Espresso (This Espresso is Indeed the Best!) is a proprietary blend of Medium and Dark roasts that bring out an amazing broad flavor profile that is perfect for Cafe-stye drinks. The medium roast keeps the subtle flavors from our famous King K’s Kope while the dark roast brings out the chocolate and caramel flavors needed for great espresso coffee drinks.

Served by many of the top restaurants on Maui, the natural sweetness of Red Cat makes for a very enjoyable cup and will remind you of Maui every single time.