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The “”Champagne” of Coffee

Maui Mokka (MOH-kuh), is a rare descendant of a 1,000+ year-old heirloom strain from Ethiopia and took 1st Place in the “Best of Hawaii” competition.

Renowned for its dense chocolate/rose characteristics, Maui Mokka is known as the "Champagne” of coffee. 

The Mokka strain originated Ethiopia in Northern Africa and distributed through the port city of “Al Mokha” in Yemen, the Mokka name (along with many other coffee varietals) is a derivative of where it is grown or from where it is shipped.

Because of its rarity and popularity, the Mokka bean is what inspired high end coffee shops to add chocolate syrup to regular coffee - trying to reproduce Mokka’s naturally chocolaty flavor - and why you now see “Mocha” drinks in just about every shop!

Here on Maui, with our rich volcanic soil, the Mokka plant thrives at an elevation of 500’ to 600’.

The bean itself is small and round, often mistaken for the rare Peaberry beans found in other coffee varietals. But, on closer inspection, the bean displays the classic coffee bean line signifying two whole beans per cherry.

Our Whales Tales special roast brings out notes of chocolate, caramel and baking spices such as cardamom and cinnamon. 

Try Whales Tales today - it's that perfect cup of coffee as an everyday indulgement, special occasions, or a relaxing Sunday morning wake up.